Whats's Love
got to do with it ?

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Deborah: WE have all heard and love the song “what’s love got to do with it,” and ladies, we felt those lyrics, but what do they really mean on the extremely basic perspective within the cultural context of Torah, YAH’s testament’s aka the books written before the Greek testaments (like Mark, Matthew, and John) and epistles (aka letters, such as Romans, the Corinthians books, Romans, the book of Hebrews and Galatians to name a few). How can we make better decisions based on our logical needs and not our love nest needs? So, let us get into these lyrics.

You must understand how the touch of your hand makes my pulse react. That it’s only the thrill of boy meetin’ girl, Opposites attract, It’s physical. Only logical, you must try to ignore that it means more than that. What’s love got to do with it? What’s love but a secondhand emotion? What’s love got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? It may seem to you that I’m acting confused When you’re close to me If I tend to look dazed, I’ve read it someplace I’ve got cause to be There’s a name for it There’s a phrase that fits, but whatever the reason you do it for me. I’ve been takin’ on a new direction, But I have to say I’ve been thinking about my own protection. It scares me to feel this way. What’s love but a sweet old-fashioned notion?

The chorus goes hard, but within these lines here, what sticks out to us, is The American idea of love is nothing but a fairytale, a notion that has us all chasing the rainbow. We come out empty-handed and with poor relationship after relationship, or worse… divorce!!! Causing trauma which is carried on to our little one(s) that might have been produced when we formed a union. The major way most get married now in America is through emotions. This was not how one meets the mate that we’re going to be with for what the rest of our lives. Nowhere culturally in the world of our people’s olden days was a boy and girl allowed to have a physical attraction. The emotion comes out of the affection that you both feed into the relationship. The heart or emotions here can be broken when the foundation of the relationships is on flimsy emotions or feelings and not logical needs. If one focuses on the truth of the matter, just the love nest feelings one starts off with, that most feel they need, that!! Feelings fade away with time if the basic, logical needs are not met upfront, but despite all of that, we still do the same thing any way!!!…over and over and over again.

HBI Male: But umm, you sound a little bitter there….But what about Jesus Christ / Yeshuah HaMashiach /  Yesu Messiah, He’s all about that!. . right?

Deborah: Umm, I not bitter but, in the English colonizer B I B L E’s section, that most call the New Testament, is it agreed by most scholars that this portion was written in Greek?

HBI Male: Yep, agreed?

Deborah: Hmm, Isn’t the problem today that it gets confusing when those who have not lived through other human’s cultural life or upbringing teaches their perspective of another’s ancient culture to them?

HBI Male: I guess, never really cared.

Deborah: Gotcha, you are not alone. It is missed that the supposed Jesus in the Greek Testament is understood not to be Greek, nor spoke the Greek language.

HBI Male: So?!

Deborah: So, we are pointing out that it is strange that the Greek Testament pushes an explanation of a culture tied to Yahshra’ĕl, that claims is also tied to the supposed Jesus, that has no connection to Greek culture, written in Greek for the evidence of how Jesus lived and what he meant. This is part of our thought of why we thought it interesting that you tie the word love to Jesus.

HBI Male: Okay, like I said, never cared, as I know “The Greeks at that time had a word in relation to this English colonizer word “love,”. 

Deborah: But what we’re presenting is, not just a word, but they, (the ancient Greek language at that time), also had many words!

HBI Male: Really!?

Deborah: Really

HBI Male: Like what!?

Deborah and Greek friends: We present ancient Greek words like “storge,” “epithymia,” “philia,” “eros,” and “agape,” and all these were nouns

HBI Male: Nouns!!! HAHAH

Deborah: Yep? According to the ancient Greek…

HBI Male: Ohh comm on.

Deborah: Yeah, and then they flipped it and made it a duality part of speech in these cases, calling it a noun and a verb.

HBI Male: What are you talkin’ about, that makes no sense?

Deborah: Holdup, we are just presenting, we, as always, ask you to not look at, digest or ponder what we present in a “precept upon precept line upon line” misguided, doctrine format, but ask to look at this in a contextual way, looking at the entire matter, so that you and not Religion are the final decision-makers on your own research into what we present so you, not Religion can be satisfied, about, are we out of pocket? or is what we’re presenting making sense. 

Audience: wow

Deborah: Anyway, keep in mind while researching, we didn’t make this ancient Greek language up, sometimes these words are mixed between each other to define the same thing in noun or verbal format.

HBI Male: That’s confusing

Deborah: Well, mold of confusion is where the English colonizer’s language pulls their understanding of this term l o v e (love) from, that is the stronghold of the westernized understanding of what one lives off of for example in the Americas today.

HBI Male: Hmmm

Deborah: Also! Some of the Ancient Greek terms for L o v e (love), no longer have much recognition within the English colonizer’s language today, so it is as some say hidden, in plain sight. But presenting that they are nouns, we get it…It does throw some people off. Many in the Americas hear their idols, aka music, movie celebrates say (Common on “The Red Table”), or when those that go to their weekend religious service and constantly hear preaching that L o v e (love) Is an Action word or hear songs like L o v e (love) Is an Action word by Witness, where did that originate from?

HBI Male: Umm likely 1 John 3:18 in the KJV where it reads: My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth..

Deborah & friends: Alright, for example, the word Eros we mentioned earlier is and started from the Ancient Greeks self-named religious deity Eros, who is a deity of L o v e (love) and intercourse.

HBI Male: So!!!

Deborah & friends: So… this 400BC known Primordial deity…

HBI Male: Pri who?

Deborah: {Pri-mor-dE-el}, meaning one of the first, from the beginning types known to the Greeks of that time.

HBI Male Ahh, Yeah, okay, got it.

Deborah & friends: Kool, as we were presenting, … this 400BC known Primordial deity Eros has become a now known focal point of a common adjective in this modern era, Recognize the name?

Audience 2: Nope

Deborah & friends: No problem, it is now familiar to most in the English colonizer language today as “erotic,”

Audience: Response

Deborah: but in its verb format transition of being erotic.

HBI Male and Audience: Get out of here! This is straight out of a comic book!

Deborah: Wellll…

HBI Male and Audience: Ah Nah!…

Deborah, Hold on!! Our point is this L o v e (love) deity Eros, the definer of being erotic, statues in a place where some may recognize the Greek name from

HBI Male: Statue? Come on now!! What is the Greek name?!

Deborah: “Gymnasia”

HBI Female:  Ohh, OH yeah!… Okay, okay, yeah, I’m up on this one!

Yaazi and Deborah: Yeah!?, okay, excellent

HBI Female: Yeah, you see, it sound like Gym,

Deborah: Uhm, okay?

HBI Female: Also!, like gymnastics,

Deborah: We’re listening

HBI Female: Right, you know, like gymnastics, it is associated with exercise, working out, like found in the KJV(Kings James Version) B – I -B -L – E, 1 Timothy 4:8 For bodily exercise profiteth little: but devotedness (aka devotion to the most high) is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

HBI Male: uhh Yeah!! What she said

Deborah: Ohh, you got more?

HBI Male and Female: A matter of fact, yeah… let me see here in this KJV concordance…okay, I thought so!! Yeah, looking up that word “exercise” in the Greek aka Hellenic language in the KJV, 1Timothy 4:8 converts in strong Greek G1129 as “gymnasia.”

Deborah: Yes, thank you, we appreciate that InSite.  Can we use that same energy and present the interesting, embedded part of that word?

HBI Female Which is what?

Deborah: What is “gymnós”?

HBI Male and Female: HuH!!!? “gymnós” Wha’ that mean!!!?

Deborah: It means “naked.”

HBI Male and audience: Naked? Naked!?! So, males and females were nude?

Deborah: Um, no? this, when it (meaning “gymnasia”), first began (which some state is around the 7th century BC (this can be referenced to the book “Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World” by Donald Kile) was at that specific time, only males. This was for the L o v e (love) of the worship deities; the males anointed their nude bodies.

HBI Male and audience:  Wait, what!!! Nah, Love got nothin’ to do with this!! {upset} And hold up, Anointed?! Which is the same meaning as Christ / HaMashiach / Messiah?? That Anointed?

Deborah: Uhhh, umm yes (if one recalls, in the original testaments, using, for example, Strongs H4899 for HaMashiach, for Messiah, and for anointed, this can be seen in passages such as

YaaziYAHu Leviticus 4:5

and the anointed (aka mâshı̂yach, aka the Messiah aka poor Greek translation christ) priest shall take some of the bull’s blood and bring it into the Tent of Meeting (some translations read… tabernacle of the congregation).

Deborah: and

YaaziYAHu Leviticus 6:22

And so shall the priest, anointed (aka mâshı̂yach, aka the Messiah aka the poor/badly off Greek translation, christ)  from among his sons to succeed him, prepare it; it is YAH’s—a law which means hoq, aka an appointed time) for all time—to be turned entirely into smoke.

Deborah: that refers to YAH’s Messiah, YAH’s anointed, YAH’s selected Levitical generational HaMashiach priests, not from human formed seminary schools, not self-proclaimed.

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