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Podcast Transcripts

Deborah: Let us not fail to mention just two others, such as captain/chief,

YaaziYAHu: 1 Samuel 10:1

Samuel took a flask of oil and poured some on Saul’s head and kissed him, and said, “? YAH herewith anoints? or Is it not that the? YAH anointed (aka mâshı̂yach, aka the Messiah aka the poor/badly off Greek translation, christ) you ruler(nâgı̂yd which means prince or captain) over His own people (some read over his inheritance?).

Deborah: and King David during his coronation in

YaaziYAHu: 1 Samuel 16:12,13.

12. So they sent and brought him. He meant of Heb. uncertain. Ruddy-cheeked, bright-eyed, and handsome. And YAH said, “Rise and anoint (aka mâshı̂yach, aka Messiah aka the poor/badly off Greek translation, christ) him, for this is the one.”

Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed (aka mâshı̂yached, aka Messiahed aka the poor/badly off Greek translation, christ) him in the presence of his brothers; and the spirit (aka in indigenized Hebrew meaning rûach) of YAH, gripped David from that day on. Samuel then set out to Ramah.

HBI Male OK, so, then what?

Deborah: So… once the males Christed or messiahed their completely not clothed bodies to look good for those viewing, they were encouraged because again, the Greeks at that time stated it was for the L o v e (love) of their deity and the Greeks at that time state it will please the deities and theses deities will provide the protection they need, one of these coverings was from one of the well-known great ones at that time who was born of a virgin birth by way of a human female.

HBI Female: Wow!!! Was Jesus worshiped in the “now modernly called in the English Greek colonizer word “gymnasium”?

Deborah: Jesus!? After what we mentioned, you still think, someone named Jesus?

HBI Female: Yeah, you know Jesus (Yeshuah, YESU), the HaMashiach, the Christ, the Messiah, born of a virgin!

Deborah: Umm?? NOoo, please research for yourself that there were multiple announced religious type virgin births before the announcement of the one you referred to. 

HBI Male: Get out of here, no way, like who?

Deborah: The son of a virgin birth off the top?

HBI Male: Yeah!

Audio: Perseus around 1360 BC

HBI Male: What!

Deborah and Audio: Perseus, the Greek, is recorded as the son of Greek deity leader Zeus and his virgin human mother, Danaë.

HBI Male: That is ridiculous! All I know, using precept upon precept line upon line, if you studied properly, you could see that in the KJV B I B L E in the book of Isaiah Chapter 7 verse 14, it prophesies…

Deborah: But…

HBI Male: But nothin’, stop interrupting, you’re always interrupting!!

Deborah: Arigh’ , continue

HBI Male: As I was sayin’… Isaiah 7 14 prophesies and Matthew 1:23 prove the prophesy that Jesus was born of a virgin female!

Deborah: We do not agree.

HBI Male: Of course, y’all don’t.

Deborah: Umm, ok, let us present why.

HBI Male: Fine, go ahead. SINNER!

Deborah: OK, look at Isaiah Chapter 7 in its entire context

HBI Male: What does that mean?!, I just broke it down quick and easy!

Deborah: What we’re referring to is, let’s start from the top of the chapter of Isaiah chapter 7 wherein verse one starts off with:

YaaziYahu: And it came to pass in the days of Ahaz the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, king of Judah

HBI Male: What a wasted read, this means nothing to me! what’s the point?

Deborah: Our point is that starting with Isaiah Chapter 7 v1 in its context, it tells you that the events were happening during the time of King Ahaz of Judah.

HBI Male: AND?

YaaziYahu: And if you read before you get to Isaiah Chapter 7 v14, is it clear that YAH is telling Isaiah to go to King Ahaz and tell him to calm down and be concerned about the enemy plans. For a sign throughout scripture shows something through YAH from what he had already created 

HBI Male: Hmmm, OK, go head then

Deborah: And as v14 nears, YAH would give King Ahaz a sign?

HBI Male: Yeah, But King Ahaz refused to ask… Didn’t think I knew that huh.

YaaziYahu: Thank you for your insight, but in its context, this was to show King Ahaz a sign, not a miracle to show King Ahaz all is well and not to worry about his at that time enemies. For a sign throughout scripture shows something through YAH from what he had already created.

HBI Male: But the miracle is the virgin, in verse 14, It is clear in English

Deborah: Ok, but you agree that this English that your reading is a translation from another language, given to you by the colonizer English translators.

HBI Male: Again, what’s your point!

Deborah: Virgin is not the true, aka original word there

HBI Male: OHHH! I knew it, you don’t understand anything! The word virgin from its translation means ‘almah in Hebrew.  Do you think I wasn’t ready for that?

Deborah:  We agree with you that the indigenize Hebrew word is ‘almah.

HBI Male: Thought so!

Deborah: But the indigenize Hebrew word ‘almah’a does not mean virgin.

HBI Male: !!!Here we go!!!

Deborah: ‘almah’a in context or of using the Strong’s concordance H5959 refers to a young maiden, who is not a virgin.

HBI Male: Uhh Ohhh, gotcha ya now, you got no proof for this!

Deborah: We do.

HBI Male: Can’t deal with You’ll bring it out then!! Bring the proof!

Deborah: Okay, since your focus is on Isaiah Chapter 7 v14: reads it then.

HBI Male: Therefore YAH the MASTER himself shall give you a sign;

Deborah: Pause!!

HBI Male: What?

Deborah: Do you agree that YAH is talking to King Ahaz

HBI Male: Yes

Deborah: And YAH is going to give King Ahaz a sign at this point?

HBI Male: Okay, now let me finish.

Deborah: Okay, read the rest of Isaiah Chapter 7 v14

HBI Male: Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

Deborah: Now, one moment, “shall conceive” can be interpreted any which way with religion, but since your up on the indigenize Hebrew, what is the word for “shall conceive” in the indigenize Hebrew?

HBI Male: hârâh ?

Deborah: agreed, hârâh Strongs H2029 means in context, “is with a baby” or “conceived” or present-day some would say “is pregnant with a baby”.

HBI Male: But the colonizer English B I B L E shows the word “shall” and some translations say, “will become”.

Deborah: As we always say, read the whole matter, read the books, chapters in their context, NOT the doctrine of precept upon precept line upon line, look at:

YaaziYahu: Gen 4:1 And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she “hârâh” conceived (Strongs H2029) and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from YAH. Exo 2:2 And the woman “hârâh” conceived(Strongs H2029) and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly little one, she hid him three months.

Deborah: In their context (again we ask you to research the whole matter for oneself), these texts represent a human female pregnant, present time, not future.

HBI Male: But it says Virgin, answer that!

Deborah: You, actually can answer that.

HBI Male: HUH?

Deborah: What is the indigenize Hebrew word used that the English colonizer B I B L E like the KJV, the NIV, the ESV, the MSG hide in order to use to manipulate behind the falsely placed word virgin?

HBI Female: Umm, what?, you mean the Hebrew word ‛almâh?

Deborah: We agree “‛almâh” Strongs H5959 which means?

HBI Male: {wispers}Maiden?

Deborah: Yes in this context, maiden! a young female who already had intercourse.

Audience: Seriously?

YaaziYahu: Keep in mind, and we again state research for yourself, that those that point to the Septuagint (LXX) must have already discovered or may have heard from our past statements, that it was only the first 5 books of the text of the scriptures (Genesis to Deuteronomy) that are part of the Septuagint (LXX), all references stating it is beyond the first 5 books are FALSE.

HBI Female: I’m sorry what?

YaaziYahu: The indigenize Hebrew word bethûlâh (Strongs H1330) had already established the word virgin over 30x  while in the book of Isiah bethûlâh again (Strongs H1330) used it 5x …

Deborah: for example when time permits to read in its context the whole chapter looks at:

YaaziYahu: Exo 22:17  But if her father refuses to give her to him, he must pay a sum equivalent to the bride price (or dowry) for bethûlâh (virgins).

HBI Male: I don’t know…

Deborah: Now hold on, should not the book of Leviticus, the book that is specific about virgins, use almâh?

HBI Female: Yeah, I guess?

YaaziYahu: Lev 21:3  And for his sister a bethûlâh (virgin), that is nigh (or dependent) on him, which hath had no husband; for her may he be defiled (or unclean). 

Audience: Hmmm…

Deborah: Ok, then how about further down within the same chapter:

YaaziYahu: Lev 21:13  And he shall take a wife in her bethûLı̂ym (Strongs H1331) aka virginity. Lev 21:14  he may not marry a widow, divorcee, profaned woman (aka a whore) or prostitute; but he must marry a bethûlâh aka a virgin from among his own people Lev 21:15  and not disqualify his descendants among his people; because I am your Master, who makes him (the Levite) Made-apart.'”

Deborah: but notice that was not used in Isaiah Chapter 7:14

HBI Male: okay with the Hebrew words how should it read?

Deborah: Do you mean transliterated, not translated?

HBI Male: Yes!

Deborah: Okay but we’re going up a few scriptures first to show in its context

YaaziYahu: Isa 7:10  YAH the MASTER of all spoke again to King Achaz; and YAH said, Isa 7:11  “Ask YAH the MASTER of all your Elohim (POWER above all powers) to give you (King Achaz) a sign. Ask it anywhere, from the depths of Sh’ol(or the deep) to the heights (of High) above.”Isa 7:12  But (King)Achaz answered, “I won’t ask, I won’t test YAH the MASTER of all.” Isa 7:13  “Listen here, house of David!” [Isaiah] retorted (or answered back) “Is trying people’s patience such a small thing for you that you must try the patience of my YAH as well?” Isaiah Chapter 7:14:  Assuredly or Then, YAH the MASTER of all will give you a sign of His (meaning YAH’s) own accord (or choosing)! Look, the young woman is with a child and about to give birth to a son. Let her name him Immanuel. Isa 7:15  By the time he (the baby growing up) knows enough to reject the bad( evil) and choose good, he will [have to] eat curdled milk and [wild] honey.

Deborah: Now let’s slow down for this last verse we going to read in this chapter, to show that a sign is given to the human or humans so they can see it.

YaaziYAHu: Isa 7:16  For before the lad (the boy) knows to refuse (or reject) the bad and choose the good, the ground (the land) whose two kings you (King Achaz)  dread (aka fear aka worry about), will be left abandoned (rejected, deserted).

Deborah: So in summery v16 YAH is giving King Achaz a sign, while he is alive to deal with the issues written in Isaiah chapter 7 versus 4-6, what is the point of a sign promised from YAH if your dead and never saw it happened when YAH is talking to you?

HBI Male: Hmmfff, Says you all!

Deborah: If you read from Isaiah chapter 7 to the end of chapter 9, is this not the sign.

HBI Male: Again says you all! Not even going there with you all.

YaaziYAHu: Holdon Holdon Holdon, who you Ramp with, We always stated Research, remove religion, for your own understanding, it is not if we say so.  On a general bases, Religions such as Catholicism (who, those that follow this, generally rely upon the sacrament or liturgical way of receiving the scriptures from the ordained higher ups), and they birth the Protestant religion Christianity in which they and the religion Hebrew Israelites are ready to let any one know that they read not a B I B L E but THE B I B L E and interestingly all follow the general theology that the original testaments which most (again we want to point out this is about most not ALL), do not argue, are the first 39 books (NOT the Greek Testament, coined the New Testament by colonizers), were primarily aka mostly written in indigenize Hebrew, no arguments from our knowledge within that space just mentioned.  And the word translation all over the B I B L E’s that are given out in religious spaces just mentioned, are stamped with the word translation (like the Geneva, Bishop, KJV, NIV, the Cepher, (the popular) ESV, CEV, NASB, RSV, CSB, NKJV, TS2009, NLV, MSG, TRB, RSB BYNV to name a few)… telling you (or maybe hidden in plain sight) that these books, as the word translation is defined …. Are rephrasing aka rewording, aka paraphrasing what they claim is the indigenize Hebrew, We never claimed that indigenize Hebrew that many may call B I B L E Hebrew was or is the origin, but if this is the space one wants to stay focused on then those who make these claims we hope hold to their proof that is their foundation.  What we understand is that the indigenize Hebrew, here in the America’s is a tool, again it must be repeated it is a tool, for those that want to use it, not that have to use it, or is being told they need to use it, because that is foolishness…let us be clear you will not get that from us.  Learning the indigenize Hebrew aka B I B LE Hebrew should never be a crutch one should put on another human,  one is born where they are born, read the version of the B I B L E you have and read it in its context, again in its c o  n  t  e x t.  If not then one will believe they awake but are far from being aware and fall into prideful traps of expectance, such as the now serving ninth term United States of North America’s House of Representatives, Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District, democrat Emanuel Cleaver the 2nd who said ———- and note he is still known as a United Methodist pastor (think he should now better that Amen is not English at all and does not connect to a meaning of  A Man).  This is a small example that they are changing the original words that someone else originally wrote …or…at least… the oldest agreed upon evidence of what someone wrote or said…. and presenting it differently… and so a translation for most can simply mean an English colonizers Eisegesis commentary. Again, this is not about what we say, lets continue now…

United States of North America’s House of Representatives, Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District, democrat Emanuel Cleaver the 2nd