WHAT's love got to do with it? PART 2.3 - Season Finally

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Podcast Transcripts

Hey before we get into this long-awaited podcast. We want to warn you all. Where we strive to make family friendly podcast for the whole family to listen to no matter the age “this one is not one of them.” We will be discussion the horrors of coitus within the colonizer label B L A C K melanated communities. We will give you a moment to clear the room.


One of the earliest uses of ‘l o v e’, and its biggest influence, was and still is religion. ‘Love’ was used to describe the benevolence aka kind-heartedness aka social conscience and affection for ones deity, as well as the affectionate devotion due to ones deity, ‘G  o  d  is love, and he that dwelleth in l o v e, dwelleth in G  o  d’ (from the unknown author of John chapter 4:16). From this Greek testament recognized meaning, ‘l o v e’ began to be used to describe instances of affection or acts of kindness.

Also, it is noticed that from around the start of Middle English which was around the mid-12th Century CE and onwards, the most popular meaning for ‘l o v e’ was promoted as ‘beloved person’.

Meaning what?

It is under the same definition as one’s sweetheart.

Where are you all getting this from?

We research just like anyone else would do for going beyond social media facts, for us and our future generations (who will listen) and we wanted to get to the truth of the matter with no religious restrictions, going back to our teachers and Elders (not always olders) who allowed us in their circle for reliability of what we speak, so for your question (for example) we site those such as Kipfer and Chapman’s “Dictionary of American Slang.”, “Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology,” to name a few.

Oh okay.

As we continue, these changes naturally turned ‘l o v e (love)’ into a cozy, tender, intimate form of the word.

And what did this do?

This brought in another definition for ‘l o v e (love)’, it allowed the opening of what started to describe the sensual side of  ‘lovers’.

Such as?

Such as love letters (around the year 1240) and influential love songs (around the year 1310). Some would say they (of Middle English) had ‘fallen in l o v e (love)’ with someone, this was recorded around 1423, and slightly under a hundred years later they (of the Middle English time period), were now ‘lovesick’ (around 1530).

So, this ‘LOVE’ word seems commercialized, bringing new meaning words like matting?

We agree, around the 1580’s to ‘make love’ meant to ‘pay amorous attention’

Amorous, what does that mean?

Meaning, focusing on the other person to woo.


Umm, yeah, meaning trying to attract, normally a male chasing after a female to win her attention.

Ahh gotch’ u

But it wasn’t till the middle of the twentieth century that it was substituted for sexual intercourse. The word ‘love’ was introduced to tennis in 1742 to mean ‘no score’- from the notion of playing ‘for love’, came the notion ‘playing for nothing’.

As some might have suspected, the private sensual behind closed doors, temporary physical relationship, meaning of ‘love’ was present from the start of Old English.

Old English?


When was that?

When umm, not sure exactly…

Haha, thought you researched, but your full of it, unprepared.

Ohh, okay you’re going to harp on that, specifically?


OK, we hope that you will find the answer, for it was difficult for us to find any solid answer that we felt comfortable and say we were able to lock down and researched it and present it as truth, since there are dates from 450 CE (common Era) to 1150 CE.  SOoooo yeah, we do not know for sure, but maybe you will.


Well… then we continue as we were presenting, it was only from the late 17th century that ‘l o v e’ was more strongly associated with sex. At first ‘l o v e’ was used to describe the personification of sexual affection…


Yeah, come to think of it, that word is a bit much, , let’s start again.

Please, make it make sense

– At first ‘l o v e’ was used to describe the symbol of sexual affection in the form of cupid.

Yep I remember the mention from the last time.

Okay, Kool, well, by the early 18th century, however, ‘l o v e’ began to mean a forbidden partner, or even sexual intercourse itself. From this meaning came the negative term ‘love brat’, or its modern form ‘love child’ (around the year 1805), which described a ‘little one born out of wedlock’. New meanings for the English ‘l o v e’ were still being made well into the 20th century – ‘L o v e life’ (1919) began to mean ‘one’s collective lustful activities’ and was originally used as psychological, emotional jargon aka slang.

Okay, wait a minute!?  If these are the mixed, confusing, no true standard for a specific definitions of the term L o v e (LOVE)?…  Then I gotta ask? What was the foundation of marriage?

In past times marriage was not based on emotions of one’s feelings towards one another.

What about love and Happiness.

but was a merging of family, wealth or both. A male had to be established for marriage in order to have something to offer the home he will lead. The same with for the female she was required to have certain skills beyond beauty, beyond just sex to enter a union of marriage.

I am speaking very general, for many tribes and nations had their own customs and traditions that was required. When looking at the Torah for answer it is important that we keep in mind this is not the common person these are the celebrities of nobility in which Proverbs 31 is talking to.

But we are all Queens and Kings, that’s what makes us special, we are nation.

What nation?

In Ex. 21 this is the rarest time that we get to look at the common man and middle-class man. Keep in mind that the term slave is use loosely as meaning poor man (or modern term a man with a Job).

We cannot explore marriage until we can determine why and how our ancestors join union.

In this modern world can we find a spouse the way our ancestors did?

In this modern world with absentee fathers or single-family homes. It is impossible to join a union like our ancestors did. However, one should strive to have an ancestor foundation as stated before.

So many of us go into a relationship on the assumption that their partner will provide their needs. They don’t lay the foundation and the expectation of what they want or need. They assume that the other person will get it and wa-la good relationship.  These mind reading expectations, end up with as failed relationships because the communication started off bad. Ohh yes, the attraction must be there, no doubt about that, but the primarily next step is to lay down what you expected and want out of a relationship.

  1. One accordance
  2. Monogamous or not
  3. T.V. viewing how much
  4. Drinking discipline or lack of habits
  5. The way we speak to each other and those outside of the relationship.
  6. Little ones, how many babies are agreed upon
  7. Types of clothing, (this conversation will bring up modesty)
  8. Religion or not
  9. Open honesty, communication

That is just to give a list. Your fist date (non-physical), should address these topics before one gets involved any further. However, before we go into the difference of courting vs dating let talk about the word love. Do you really know what the word Love means? are there levels, what is the word or different words for love in the scriptures.

 First let break down love in this bastardize colonizer tongue called English. A quick internet search shows that it derives from Old English …lufu, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit lubhyati ‘desires’, Latin libet ‘it is pleasing’, libido ‘desire’.

What does all that gibberish mean?

Well, Lufu means a sexual attraction, Lubhyati’ means a desire a want or need. Libet means “it is pleasing”. Libido desire. Lufu is also link to the deity of fertility, yes Love is linked to having a strong emotional feeling for the powerful sense of attachment.  Basically, this word can be used for anything from the love you have for a donut (but goes away after you consume it), to the love of one’s mother, to the love of a lover we we we) 

However, according to YAH’s Testament there are levels to what it defines as love and no, one cannot love one’s donuts as one would love one’s mother or on the same level as one would call another their lover.

 In Hebrew you have Ahab, Ahava, Qal, Naphal , Piel.

 Hold up, hold up!!


We live in the present, not some old , ancient prehistoric, time.  Many Modern males and females are manipulated to push away the truth of the past for what can be determined as whatever I feel like history, aka made up, aka false narratives (again many, focusing on single-people but not all).

 Well, from the single-female side of things, I can tell you

“We don’t need a man”, “We’re paying our own rent“, “taking care of our own car loans and auto insurance” “ we pay our own mobile bills”



And We say, with a rant like that, HEY! ! congratulations !!!!


You have described what all females or male’s should strive to be.

Which is?

Being responsible!!, a grownup…this is nothing!! Others should have to congratulate or commend one for! As this is simply being, organized in ones’ life vs being a delusional, a gullible single female-person, who is lazy and fantasizes that the world owes them something or everything because they falsely call themselves a princess or falsely call themselves queen.

 B L A C K Females (as you all pointed out), are making it these days they are more educated the B L A C K males.

 Yep, sure ok believe that lie, your cause-and-effect narrative or your correlation, that making big money, does not show  anywhere in high numbers or in medium numbers that the causation is, because one has earned a degree, you’re automatically bringing in the big American dollars when looking at the B L A C K female within the USA.

Now I got you!

You do? How so?

I personally know B L A C K females, that are making it big, your so wrong about this.

How many?


How many do you know?

Umm, maybe about 20 or 30 B l a c k Females

So, if we are to understand, maybe 30 Black Females you personally know, and you believe they are all honest with you about their financial success, right?


Our research shows that out of the ever-moving population of the USA’s 332+ Million, about 13.4% are recorded as  B L A C K…


21+Million are recorded as B L A C K females


And therefore, the percent of the females you personally know that are so called B L A C K is not even 1% percent of the B L A C K female population.

So What?!

That actually should be our point, your statement, Is the so what statement.


So what, that you personally know 30 B L A C K females,  let us ramp that number to 300 and that is still Zero point (.)000142+percent accurate, base off of your perspective of truth.

I still feel I am right.

Your feelings are false, your 30 B L A C K females are not all telling you the truth.


For one, out of the 59% who attended college, only 35% received at minimum an associate degree.  When they got to the work force, they had a 35% chance of meeting the mid amount of $36 thousand + a year as listed by the IRS.


There for they owed $41,000 thousand dollars or more if an undergraduate and $75,000 thousand dollars or more with interest 1 year after graduation.

Single B L A C K females?!

Yes, those calling themselves these Boss chicks are posers aka lying to you and the social media they post those false images of high wealth to…most (not all) are broke.

We again are not giving you our personal anecdotal understanding of things, but empirical data you can find on your own that shows that most (not all) , show being single or being a single mom is not what those who are living this are presenting as truth. 

During the starting time of the very small number of slaves in the USA (compared to south America and the Caribbean islands if one is comparing), MOST women were married to their men.  Most homes had both married couples within it, raising their little ones.

So, Men did nothing wrong? They get a pass?

A pass? When you hear us mention Males, that does not necessarily or mainly define them as Men, but you must be born a male in order to one day possibly be a man… And yes one must be a born female  in order to one day possibly be woman.  As we mentioned in the past the intellectuals that push out Societal narratives by way of media (music, tell-a-vision, movies, novels, etc.) along with public schools, colleges, to name a few, has allowed for the false swapping of words such as these, in order to seamlessly mean the same.  But they are not.  Two human types are known, at birth, males {having a Y chromosome} and females {having two X chromosomes}.  A male baby can grow up to be an older male boy and continue to become and older male of societally excepted age of 18 to work and live on their own.  That does NOT make a male a MAN or males, MEN.  Like Women, Men are grownups, the word adult has been beaten down and forgotten that its core meaning is tied to,  being responsible and considers one role as it affects themselves and their household if they are married and with offspring’s.  But males, no, do not get a pass  and just like females, more single males (not all) have shown just like their single female counterparts, that they are an extreme concern to how they are causing chaos to themselves and others.

When it comes to B l a c k males then, they are out of order and that is why many of them are in prison, simply useless.

I see, we note that, Nothing is easier to find than the sins and shortcomings among those who side with the definition of being called the colonizer indoctrinated defined term of B L A C K, when it comes to their own quote ‘race’ unquote, when blaming the opposite sex of male and female.

So let us start here

Our studies have found that in the USA out of the 4.25 million single mothers households in 2020 up from 3.4 million single mothers households in 1990, they have baby males (aka boys) who grow up without a married man (…not to be confused with shacking up with a male  in the same household, therefore uncommitted), can near

permanently restructure and rewire a boys brain and can create more aggression.

And yes, since those who falsely call themselves the colonizer defined B L A C K (which again still has associated root meanings of being wicked, blotted out, aka meaning a person called colonizer defined B L A C K is defined a nothing), was tricked in the mid ’60s to except the government changes that pushed, changed the demographics of the “nuclear family structure” which was having a married man and a married women together in one home, raising their little ones… to From the end of the 1960s, to a peek point of the 2000s, your so-called colonizer defined B L A C K males being incarcerated  would have flied then.  And most (not all) talk shows and news programs,  a bunch (not all) high profile athletes, a bunch (not all) musicians, a bunch (not all) tv/movie actors joined the false puppet BLM and others in pushing old statistics, unchecked for current truth, and spout it as fact with no care. 

But it is False!

WHAT, Why?

Since the early 2000’s to present date, statistics now show colonizer defined B L A C K incarceration has fallen by a rate of 40% since then.  So called useless males are not so useless as the social media wants to report. 

Love has caused  s e x   to be looked upon as something you can pick up and share as a utility.  Being the casual coitus, experimental freedom one ‘feels’ they must have. 

But as we mentioned earlier in the USA there are 4.25 million households in 2020 consisting of single mothers that have rated female girls without their father in the household more like to be promiscuous.

Therefore, strongly leading to those girls becoming single mothers as we found that 70% of teen births occur to female girls in single mother homes

For those single moms that claim they can do bad by themselves

We agree, with the choice by many females (not all, but many) who chose casual coitus with a male and then join the single moms status, when the responsibilities ends up on that single moms’  shoulders, she becomes  vulnerable to predators and pedophiles who abuse her female girls and male boys.

The breaking down of the  males, in which we defined earlier… one has to be a male in order to one day possibly be a man,

is as such:

80% of male prisoners were raised in a single mother home

90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.

But hey, did you know that most colonizer defined B L A C K males choose to marry colonizer defined B L A C K female 86% of the time within the United States of Americas?


…but hold on!! 80+% of the divorce rates are from colonizer defined B L A C K Females making the household single and no the top reason was not statistically found to do anything with the male cheating or physical abuse.

Uhh!! Yall just hate women,  that is why you all are sayin’ this.

Women!!!..Negative, most women can never ever, ever! fit in the categories that we have mentioned. Most women if single are called ladies and do not move from one male to another male for a “date” (which is now in modern times can be called a one night or some nights, stands), or a sex-partner with one male on one day and jump to another on another day…  Lying to themselves, foolishly!!!, saying they are finding themselves and or are looking for L O V E (love). 

Hate Women, nah, negative, because Most ladies or women are not aborting babies just to have a sex-partner that fits their desire, or the reverse having the baby to trap the specific male sex-partner, who one should not have given their body to in the first place.  So no, negative, hate women? Far from it.

What are talking about, females have the right to abort a fetus when eva’ they want!

It is so odd


What is Odd?!

Maybe odd and interesting is the better statement, but any way, there was a time in the past that those who claim to be in the Christian Religion, had a front facing moral compass that they presented as righteous, to those who they were trying to convince who would at least listen. Now, with these modern times and morality measurement of right and wrong in the garbage, it shows the new standards are mostly (not all, but mostly) based on feelings and not THE truth.

Oh please! Yall are talkin’ a bunch of junk, spit it out …     Such as what!?

Despite all the argument about times being better now, female equality and such, for the B L A C K females that were what we labeled as women, were from the time of Americas documented slavery beginnings to the early 1960’s were mostly married and look forward to bringing a baby into the world for her and her husband to raise in one household (aka together).  Being baren even through scriptures recording of interpreted history was a the burden of the times, not aborting a baby and the desire to become pregnant and bore that baby girl and boy for her husband was a tremendous delight.

But abortion helps those who have medical complications or dealing with rape or incest!

We thought this lie would be brought up sooner or later.

OH !!!you all are so insensitive to the female issues of our time, you all are so un awoke

In the United State of Americas How many abortions happened statistically?

I don’t know!

Of the most religious group measured as B L A C K in the United State of Americas 87% who state they are religious 83% state they are follow the Christian Religion.


So…current statistics show that more than 55% of all abortions (which derives partially from the word aboriri‎ means death)… again all abortions, within the United State of Americas is mainly from the B L A C K females

That can’t be true.


B L A C K females cover under 14% of the female population in the United State of Americas, so I won’t except it



Do not except it, do not except anything we say, look this up for yourself, Find The truth to gain understand and not social media’s corrupting of terms such as facts…find The truth.  We supplicate for those who went through natural miscarriages who truly wanted their baby but could not, we supplicate to those who are naturally baren and could not.  But go ahead and challenge what we are presetting, challenge that the statistics we have shows that just 1% again of all abortions is due to rape. 


Challenge the statistics we have, that shows that only 0.5% of those abortions, that is right half of a percent is due to incest.

What are you saying then?

70+% percent of all females in the United State of Americas that had abortions, document they did so because it was inconvenient aka would dramatically change their life, 48% percent of all females in the United State of Americas that had abortions, document they did not want to be a single mother. 

When it comes to L O V E (love),

What’s love got to do with that?!