In this episode, we go into some hard facts give, Proof that not the B.i.b.le. but YAH scriptures are talking about diaspora African descendants and a select group of African that remain in Africa. These recordings line up to the heinous act that has been done to our people.  First off, we experience the things to come and pass that were record in the book of Shemot what most call the Exodus. Although most people talk about Genocidal people such as Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong causing the murder of many millions. It is odd that most dispersed African descendants rarely bring up who can be arguably one of the worst King Leopold II who was directly responsible for the deaths of an estimated 15 million Africans in the land of Congo within Central Africa.

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We hope you enjoy and as always: MAN IS A LIAR (Psalms 146:3-10) 


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Books mentioned in the podcast:
The Cepher

The Stone edition


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