Our Teachers

When we were just married, we had decided through scriptures to walk away from all religious organizations. Many if not all, failed to give us the clear understanding we were looking for, nor did their non-cultural reasoning add up with our own contextual research when seeking to separate ancestral scriptures from the modern-day B.I.B.L.E.  YaaziYAHu’s, friend challenged him to look back at someone he regrettably ignored in his past research, as others falsely convinced him, theirs was under the same contextual, cultural understanding.  That is how he was reintroduced to the Kingdom of Kings taught by Rebbe Akwetenty, we viewed his youtube videos and we were cautiously impressed!! We began to scrutinize what he presented while researching him. After two months we schedule a meeting with him and again scrutinize what he presented while researching him, with prayer and supplication a few months afterward we join his course. His teaching technic helps detox our mind from the religious western mindset we had and helped us get back to the Torah. The technic is easy to apply and can be done with most teaching in the scrolls we call scriptures. We encourage you to take a look and broaden your understanding of YAH’s instructions through the Kingdom of Kings !!

While in class one day Rebbe Akwetenty shared some amazing business opportunities, one of which was Juliet Dakpo,  she is not only an online business Guru she is a life coach.  She showed me (DeboRah), how to start the website you are on right now. To be clear, I am a non-technical person and she has given and continues to give, clear and concise steps on how to build the YAH not Religion brand online business web portal from scratch.  With our concerns about Social Media and all things popular, she taught us how to navigate and use 3-4 platforms. If you are a beginner and have wanted your own business online, we encourage you to give Juliet a chance.  Her team is on-demand and comes through with what they promise, if you are willing to do the work, she and her team is ready to help. 

Divine Executive Concierge Inc. Now WE told you guys about our concerns over social media and how we absolutely abhorred it. If you are internet anti-social as we are, no worries you can still have a business. At Divine Executive Concierge they have plans that will help you promote your business with little to no interaction with said Social Media platforms.  Here at YAH not Religion, we engage with our followers and Divine Executive Concierge helps design our post. With a once a month call, we are able to put the content we want out in a skillful manner.  Divine Executive Concierge is a full-service event planning company and assists busy people who value their time because as we all know, time is money! If you have a business or just starting out, they can help.

Sonia Jennings helps dispersed African descendant women take their business to the next level earning up to a six-figure income.  She is another student of the Kingdom of Kings and she was a business opportunity also mentioned that we embarked on. We were not disappointed! After learning the basics with Juliet and how business functions, learning the tech stuff, Sonia introduced us to other business ventures that will help grow our communities by providing jobs. She is currently mentoring us on the “how to process” of reaching our goals.  Level up with Sonia

And More.....


If it is in fact the case that woman, as a creation, is highly valued; if this is really true, then how can it be that since time immemorial she has been treated like trash and not honored in the way she deserves? If woman is really such an exalted creation, why was it accepted that it is better to be a man? So, does Torah have anything to say about women and the role of women? Torah provides a safe haven for women. Torah says, “It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helper to help him.

Why is the Book of Lamentations in Tanakh? Lamentations express tremendous feelings of desperation and wonderment at tragedy, amongst others. Lamentations ask the question “HOW?” Lamentations do not ask “How” in the clinical and mechanical sense of “how did the walls fall down,” but rather, “How could such a thing happen?” The wonderment and the amazement found in YHVH’s actions is what this writer explores.

The great-great-grandson of Ruth, Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon), the author of Proverbs, writes in the very last chapter of Proverbs about an Eishet Chayil – Woman of Valor. Today we use Eishet Chayil as an ode to the woman of the household. However, was that what Shlomo thought when he wrote this piece? One possibility is that Shlomo is speaking to his own ideal picture of a Hebrew woman; painting the idealistic picture purely out of his own imagination and thus giving us what he thought was an abstract but perfect, Hebrew woman. Another possibility is that Shlomo while talking about an idea, has an actual specific person in mind. In his usual insightful exposition, Akwetey Amaah reveals this secret as he takes us behind the scenes and between the lines of the Book of Ruth, Ny’awo Ruth – Mother Ruth

The Book of Esther can easily masquerade as a child’s tale. There is a villain who is out to hang Mordechai and murder his countrymen, a king who enjoys drinking and seems to not be in control of himself or his realm, and there is a beautiful and noble queen. There are assassins, palace intrigues, and a climactic battle scene in addition. There’s even a happy ending.  In his usual insightful exposition, Akwetey Amaah brings out the deeper narrative – more suited to the eyes of an adult. 

The book of Jonah is, itself, a simple story that is unquestionably complex. The simplicity lies in the very human responses on the part of the main characters (Jonah, the sailors, the people of Nineveh); the complexity grows as we hold these reactions up to the greater contextual framework of Tanakh and some theological tenets to which we hold fast. For example – Yonah’s flight from YHVH is the well-known premise for his sea voyage.

Are the Hebrew Israelites the same as the Eʋe (Erverh) people?
Some in the Hebrew-Israelites think they are one and the same. But this book proves otherwise. An Erverh can prove he or she is a Hebrew but a Hebrew-Israelite can’t.
A Sheep is not the same as a goat. Find out why.

This book contains untold African history that reveals the true identity of a large section of the African peoples and the majority of the African American and Caribbean peoples. The landmark information explains the cause of black People suffering as well as offers the way out. This book is a goldmine of invaluable information. It has all the answers to the questions many black people will ever want to know about their identity and lack of progress.


If you ever wanted IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that black people wrote the Bible, you are looking at it! Anyone or group of people can claim to be the Lost Tribes of Israel. That is easy. But making such a claim does not mean it is true. Therefore, what separates the GENUINE Israelites from the wannabes is the EVIDENCE or PROOF they provide to support their claim. Sadly, there are reckless black people making such claims but when challenged for proof, they have nothing to show and come up short


GroGoalz started when my hair started to thin and nothing on the market work. I took to my kitchen and began making organic oils and butters that worked wonders for me. After repeated inquiries, I decided to make this available to all men and women who suffer from hair loss. 

Zero Water The cleanest and tasty water ever.  Absolutely brilliant!
For years I have purchased bottled water daily as our tap water is absolutely vile! Like it’s piped straight from the swimming baths.
After just over a week of use, I’m noticing a great improvement in my skin condition and overall health! Very very happy

Ninja Foodi

This jewel is a lifesaver. Run late, winter fighting the sun, preparing for the Sabat. I am never late to bring in Sabat dinner with this perfect tool. 

Ora Organic Greens

This powder is seriously delicious. We needed to detox off of heavy metals and was lacking some supplements.  It allows us to get in minerals and support our gut health.
Here’s a morning recipe a fellow customer shared that we love: 1 scoop of the powder, 1 cup Almond milk, a handful of chop strawberries, 1 banana, and 1 tbsp of coconut oil.

Black Seed Oil

Here are another organic natural energy booster and pain reliever with no added energy like caffeine or B12. Gives us lots of energy. Our thoughts are clearer and help with our back pains. It lasts a long time. We take 1 tablespoon daily and it gives us so much energy.  

Turmeric Curcumin

Here in the YaaziYAHu house we adults have knee pain, back pain that puts significant pressure on our sciatic nerve, and all the other pains.  Instead of ibuprofen research Turmeric, this Sports Research brand, smoke checks the competition.  what you’re actually looking for is the amount of Curcuminoids. Sports Research serves up a whopping 475mg per serving. If we take two of these caps, it’s like taking two ibuprofens. But instead of damaging our bodies, we’re healing it. What a win !!!!

vegan candy

Have little ones?  Want to give them a clean snack? All the candy in the store has dyes (aka PAINT) and animal products?  Giggles is a great candy it is plant-based and chemical-free.  Enjoy a treat without breaking YAH’s Laws.

Big Journal

When we began to dive deep into YAH Instruction we need a notebook.  While Yaazi likes to keep digital notes I (Deborah found it easy to write my question down and my ahhh moment on the paper after running through this dollar I finally invest in a hardcover journal of my own.