A while back, we had decided through scriptures to walk away from all religious organizations. Many, if not all, failed to give us the clear understanding we were looking for, nor did their non-cultural reasoning add up with our contextual research when seeking to separate ancestral scriptures from the modern-day B.I.B.L.E. 

YaaziYAHu’s friend challenged him to look back at someone he regrettably ignored in his past research, as others falsely convinced him, theirs was under the same contextual, cultural understanding.  That is how he was reintroduced to the Kingdom of Kings taught by Rebbe Akwetenty.

We viewed his youtube videos , and we were cautiously IMPRESSED!! We began to scrutinize what he presented while researching him. After two months, we scheduled a meeting with him and again investigated what he demonstrated while analyzing him; with prayer and supplication, we joined his course a few months later.

His teaching technic helps detox our mind from the western religious mindset we had and helps us get back to the Torah. The technic is easy to apply and can be done with most teaching in the scrolls we call scriptures. We encourage you to take a look and broaden your understanding of YAH’s instructions through the Kingdom of Kings !!