Ŋutifafa Ame, (peace to you, everyone)




This season is all about discovery. We’re diving deep into the holidays and feast around religion.

We hope this was helpful and edifying. As a reminder, any scriptures that are provided are based on the content of the whole chapter and book(s) that are used. Please take the time to know the whole matter and do your research.

You came this far let talk about what brought you here!!!! I supplicate that you enjoy the podcast, or could you be open to discussing the topic of pagan Greek Colonizer holidays. If so scroll all the way down and leave your comments. We read them all and respond to all. Akpe (thanks) for taking the time to stop by it really means a lot to us. Are you looking for the podcast notes/transcripts? Join our mailing list and you get a weekly update along with highly recommended books to study on the topic. Here at YAH Not Religion, we have over a 900 book collection not to mention the great tool of the internet.  Also, be the first to know when we drop a book or course. Rumor has it that YAH Not Religion is building a course called “The Real Bosses of  Yashra’el”, The Bad Chick of Torah” and ” Who that over There”. These juice courses will be dealing with how YAH  deals with women v.s men, what is modesty and we don’t mean a dress code, a proverbs 30 woman and who can handle such a woman, and the woman standing quietly in the room but have the biggest impact. Of course, we have to let the ladies in on who and what not to be, and this applies to Men also.  If all that sounds good to you and you’re still reading go JOIN THE MALING LIST ALREADY

Akpe (Thank You) for listening

We hope you enjoy and as always:  HUMANS  ARE LIAR (Psalms 146:3-10)

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Recommend Books:

Thorough, Uncomplicated Read of YAH’s Instructions

The Sefaria 

The Cepher The Stone edition

Hebrew Israelites Vs Eʋe (Erverh): Who Is Who (The Call To The Hebrews Book 4) BY Mawuli Mawu