Dress Code Part 1

Ŋutifafa Ame, (peace to you, everyone)

 In this episode, we get into all things concerning dress code according to YAH Testament. You all already know we jump down the hole talking about the history of the European dress code and the dress code of the African tradition from nations such as Ga and Eʋe culture. 

We hope this was helpful and edifying let us just say any scriptures that are provided are based on the content of the whole chapter and book(s) that is used. Please take the time to know the whole matter and do your research.  Please download, check us out on our social media platforms, or our website to be in the know of what we are planning next.

Akpe (Thank You) for listening  

We hope you enjoy and as always:  PEOPLE ARE LIAR (Psalms 146:3-10)

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Notebook  https://amzn.to/35Wh4ip

Books mentioned in the podcast:
 The Stone edition 

Hebrew Israelites Vs Eʋe (Erverh): Who Is Who (The Call To The Hebrews Book 4) BY Mawuli Mawu

Our Teacher Rabbi Akwetey