Hey, want to know how I build this site with no tech experience no understanding about anything concerning web design or a developer?

I took the “Sename Branding Challenge” created by Juliet Dakpo. 

Well, who the hack is Juliet Dakpo?


She is an online business go-to, but more importantly, she teaches like a life coach.  She showed me (Deborah) how to start the website you are on right now. To be clear, I am a non-technical person, and she has given and continues to give clear and concise steps on building the YAH not Religion brand online business web portal from SCRATCH.  

With our lack of use and knowledge of social media and everything famous, she taught us how to navigate and use 3-4 platforms. If you are a beginner and have wanted your own business online, we encourage you to give Juliet a chance.  Her team is on-demand and comes through with what they promise; if you are willing to do the work, she and her team are ready to help.

The best part is that this class is only $47.00, unlike other online courses promising you that you are a pro by the end of the class and continue up-sale you until you need a payday loan to pay the bills. Once you take one course, I promise you WILL be ready to take all of her classes. I know I have. Juliet would say this is a number game; she teaches you how to work the numbers you do the rest. 

Not convinced; check out the course material below and take the plunge to quicking your job and earning more money working part-time than you did full time. 

I am not going to tell you false tales here. The first year will be challenging and will require ALOT  of work. Once you get your flow and all the heavy lifting is done, it is part-time work. 

It is like moving into a new home for a better quality of life and space.  You got to pack your things, move them to your new location, unpack. Then rip the benefits of your new crib and neighborhood. 

Take the course, follow the plan, scale your business, and rip the benefits of online business. It is worth it!