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Podcast Transcripts

Daughter: Excuse me, daddy 

Father: Yes daughter  

Daughter: I have a question? 

Father: Yes, what is your question 

Daughter: What is going on with this BLM movement!? 

Father: Movement? That is an interesting word, young daughter; you and I have talked about this B L A C K word and how it truly holds a foundation, a definition that means nothing.

Father: Unfortunately, there are those in the Americas or specifically the USA who hold strong and proud to this word B L A C K even though the USA society built it off of meaning nothing, zero, without substance, and do not care about its origin, do not care about how it affects their future generations and stays victimized by the word and blames the country for their oppression, depression, and fears. I have asked those who bring this victim mentality, or victim believes to me and ask, was those very small percentages of slaves that were dropped off in America (yes I repeat very small percentage), that is now called the USA…were they back then worse off than we are now, or back then were they better off than we are now?! Which is it… I am having trouble believing that I who live in the USA America, whose family ancestor came from one of the slave Caribbean islands to come to America for a better life is under the same or even close to the same situations as those small few who were first dropped off the slave ships in America’s back then compared to now. I have watched a company called BLM Global Network Foundation a mask over $90million dollars reported in their 2020 financial records, with $60 million at least up to this moment unaccounted for, and those B L A C K people say they are being harassed because they are B L A C K. 

Daughter: But why? 


Father: They, meaning BLM understand the foundation of how those that still call themselves B L A C K still believe in the media’s way of education and utilize this foolish indoctrination as their source of Facts or resource for teaching others that this is true FACT checking. And it is easier to use the media free (that again is becoming many (not all but many’s) core free research social media free tools) and not understand that those of color, (which is another ideology the USA developed for their racism of color narrative aka testimony aka story), they then can use that victimization control or narrative to suppress aka cover up aka hiding, such things like a $6 million mansion that BLM purchased in 2020 in USA’s southern California. Young daughter, you see BLM demands that this should not be talked about and those who want to know, where their hard earn money has gone is and what BLM to be accountable, they turn on the emotional, victimization feelings, on when you resist this B L A C K racist mentality and they ignorantly, foolishly call me and others an “uncle tom” or sell out.   

Daughter: But that is disrespectful? 

Father: It is more of a distraction from the truth, but Sure, ask them …a sell-out to whom?, ask them if they even know who “uncle tom” was? or the truth that it was a fictional book named “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the “uncle tom” who was a made-up character, (again I repeat a made-up character), was a hero for not giving the location of 2 other slaves and he died for his courage ( call me an “uncle tom” I will say thank you, it throws the ignorant into a fit, and they will tell you they are awoke and your mother and I do not know what we are talking about). And yes, Disrespectful indeed, as the B L A C K community who enjoys theirs awoke culture will jump to a dictionary with their argent, educated, social media fact-finding victim mentality read to you the changed the definition of uncle tom to be “a b l a c k (person) who is overeager to win the approval of w h I t e s (people).”… Why did they not find the truth about the origin of “uncle tom”, Why not fight to fix the definition that is a lie, a definition based off a story about going against slavery that was inspired by a real human named Josiah Henson. But here we are, with former basketball players…, movie directors…, who claim they are of the awoke b l a c k community calling “their” own  “uncle tom” 

Daughter: How come?

Father: It is coming to a point that your mother and I have to concede, agree with those such as sir Thomas Sowell, in which the ignorance of the highly educated with degrees who are called upon as the elite intellects (or the brains) who lead the USA, whether they are the so-called B L A C K or not, has caused more harm than the ignorance of what society calls the uneducated. Focusing back on BLM, Why have they not supported the youths who have died at the hands of what BLM calls their own B L A C K people, their own B L A C K culture, for example, the sad life loss of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner who is American racially called a B L A C K girl, who unfortunately was murdered by another B L A C K human, to this day her family received little or better yet near-zero support from BLM who knew she was murdered during a BLM protest. Here is an excerpt from her reported father after she died…..where is the love there? What does love to have to do with that, sadly that is my short take on your BLM question, my daughter, now let us get back to this podcast.