Good day world Ŋutifafa,


We here at YAH not Religion has prepared a presentation on the word Black, and why we do not want to be called BLACK also know as a byword (defined as in a mocking, hateful-humor or cantankerous sense). Let me just say any scriptures that are provided are based on the content of the whole chapter and book that is used. Please take the time to know the whole matter.

Akpe (Thanks)  YaaziYAHu,


We do not support or endorse being called black, we do not support or endorse those that use that term to support a movement/idea past (e.g. Black nationalist, Black power, Black panther), present (e.g. Black Hebrew Israelites, Black churches, Black Lives Matter),  or future, that represents our ancestors who while in Africa fought and were put on POW(Prisoners of War) ships such as one of the first that our African ancestors first saw named, Jesus of Lubeck, (“The Good Ship Jesus”)).  These ships forcefully (with our male and female POW African ancestral grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, male and female cousins, brothers and sisters  fighting (many to the death)), dispersed(separated) our African ancestors from their homeland and from their families to other lands (for a small example the Caribbean and the Americas (which include the United States, Brazil, and Mexico). Note it is not being ignored that a mass of our African ancestors traveled and were already living in many of these lands (e.g. the Americas before it was called such), before they lost these battles and became POW.


What is your problem with the word black, it cannot be that bad?  Understanding one’s past even to such a word as black, will help one understand its derogatory definition and ask where did the word black come from, then if it is so bad?  Starting with the word Swart, it is the true Germanic word, surviving in the global languages but removed in the English language by the word currently known word black.


But what did it mean if Swart was used as the original word in which the word black came from?  It means, those called Swart or black where being called dirty, dark without light.   Being called Swart or black meant you represent soot (aka black slim, dinginess, gunk, smut, crud, filth, garbage, junk, uncleanness, nastiness, litter, or trash to define a few).  Symbolically(figuratively) when one is called swart or in certain places (like the Americas) black, they are considered “wicked or infamous (meaning of ill repute, famous for badness, always disqualified from certain rights of citizens because of stature to be convicted for certain crimes) “. In Old English they would call one sweart, in Proto-Germanic *swarta– (source also of Old Frisian, Old Saxon, and Middle Dutch swart, Dutch zwart, Old Norse svartr, German schwarz, Gothic swarts “dark-colored, black”), from PIE root *swordo– also “dirty, dark, black” (source of sordid).

To expound, when one is called black, it should be clear one is being told you are blacked-out (blotting out by censorship: SUPPRESSION), strengthened by its originator word blotted-out, which is defined as(abolished, blacked out, eradicated, erased, expunged, exterminated, obliterated, rooted (out), rubbed out, snuffed (out), stamped (out), wiped out).  So, one is called black should understand that their past was blacked-out as decedents of their past captive generations, were and are still being reprogramed to learn His-Story aka the winner’s skewed explanation of your own past. 

Others not called black, such as JewISH, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian Europeans (French, the present majority population in the United States of America) if asked, themselves and their little ones can go back multiple generations and located clear uncorrupted ancestral ties because their past was not Blacked out.  Those called black that are descendants of those captured only get His-Story from those that won and learn that their ancestors were just black slaves.  What is not understood by being called black is that they are telling you, your ancestral connection is blotted out when they call a person black.  And their work is done once one calls themselves black and in Americas, for example, they convince one to celebrate a month that they gave for a group they deem they successfully blacked-out their ancestry and replacing it with their His-Story past (one example of this is using a false tool called Ancestral DNA to misguide where ones POW African ancestrally originated from).

In conclusion, we can only hope what has been mentioned explains why we will not speak or ever express about ourselves or to our little one(s) that they are black(nothing, blotted out) and proud, their black(nothing, smutty, filthy, garbage) life matters.  This was not what the Most High presented in scriptures about who we are.